Different Types of Christian Prayer

Within the Christian religion, there are many different approaches to prayer. Some of those approaches focus on using specific words. Others have to do with the proper stance or position to assume while praying. Even with the diversity in how different Christians pray, there are a few basic types of Christian prayer that seem to be present in just about every denomination. Prayers of Thankfulness and Praise The goal of this type of prayer is to acknowledge and thank God for all good things. Within the scope of the prayer, the individual will often lead with offering praises to God, then follow with mentioning specific blessings that were experienced since the last time that person engaged in prayer. At times, the blessings cited may have to do with ongoing events, such as the love of a spouse. Intercessory Prayer The purpose of this prayer is to petition God to aid in resolving challenges faced by self or by others. In some traditions, it is not unusual for an individual to pour out his or her most earnest desire for...

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The Power in Buddhist Prayer

For people who believe that prayer is directed toward a deity, the practice within Buddhism can seem a little unusual. After all, Buddhists do not pray to a deity. The power in Buddhist prayer is more often aimed at ridding the self of negative or unwelcome thoughts and emotions, and bringing in light and truth that helps to illuminate the mind and spirit of the individual. The Use of Mantras One of the elements of Buddhist prayer that sometimes confuse people is the use of mantras. Mantras are repetitive sounds that are used to center the individual and push aside self while in search of more light. The understanding is that mantras, whether spoken out loud or repeated in the mind, make the individual more open to understanding. When Do Buddhists Pray? Individually, Buddhists are likely to pray several times daily. Some are planned prayer times that are specifically set aside for that purpose. Other prayers may occur whenever the individual feels the need to seek enlightenment surrounding a specific situation or event. In monasteries, it is not unusual...

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Prayer Within the Muslim Tradition

As one of the three Abrahamic faiths, Islam shares a number of elements with Judaism and Christianity. One of those elements is the centrality of prayer in the religious life. Among all the various groups and sects within Islam, the Muslim will engage in both private and public prayer. Who Do Muslims Pray To? Muslims pray to Allah, who is understood to be the one true God. While Muslims of all stripes honor Mohammed, he is not understood to be anything other than the prophet who brought the final revelation from Allah. As such, he is not considered to be on the same level as Allah. It is only to Allah that the Muslim owes his or her complete allegiance. Preparing for Prayer Muslims pray a minimum of five times daily. Those prayers are proscribed by tradition and by interpretations of the Koran. The purpose of those prayers is to honor Allah and to remind the individual of the greatness of God. Preparation for prayer involved cleaning the body thoroughly. Many Muslims also seek to clear the mind of...

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Prayer in Different Religions: A Guide

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    Pastors are responsible for doing more than preaching God’s Word. Like shepherds who tend their sheep, they are entrusted with the task of tending God’s flock. Their role is to teach, guide, and help others to grow spiritually. When a congregant strays, it’s the pastor’s responsibility to bring that person back into God’s fold. But suppose the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. What happens when a pastor, such as in the case of Jim Bolin and other charismatic church leaders, strays from God’s flock? Is it the responsibility of the congregants to continue to love their church leader and bring him back to God again? After all, pastors are people, too. Sometimes even they become vulnerable and are tempted to sin. If that happens, God’s shepherds are no different than others who have lost their way. They need a loving hand to bring them back home. Showing Patience God is patient with His flock despite the mistakes anyone makes. He is patient because he doesn’t want anyone to be lost. God never hesitates to give His children time to find their way clear again. He counts on His children to do the same for each other. He wants everyone to give other people the time they need to do the right thing. Offering Support God expects individuals to account for their actions and for others to listen with open hearts. Like God, fellow Christians may hate the sin but continue to love the sinner. God doesn’t love His sheep any less for their sins. In His eyes, no one particular sin is greater than another. God shows unconditional...


Christian Prayer

While different Christian denominations emphasize various approaches to prayer, there are a few basics that just about all followers of Jesus Christ choose to incorporate into their prayer lives.

Buddhist Prayer

Prayer is an important element of Buddhist thought and action. While the focus and expectations regarding prayer are a little different, those ideas continue to inspire adherents around the world.

Muslim Prayer

To the faithful Muslim, the concept of prayer is an integral part of daily life. While some prayers date back hundreds of years, the forms continue to evolve.